Paper Masque Playlists: The Many Moods of Valentine’s Day

Sure, all of the greeting card companies would probably like for us to think that Valentine’s Day is nothing but cupid, candy, and roses, but we all know that the holiday tends to carry a wide range of emotions with it. So to commemorate the conflicting nature of this time of year, we present an equally varied playlist to get you through all of it.

For the nostalgic…

1. David Bowie – “Remembering Marie A”

From Bowie’s Baal EP.

For the escapists…

2. The Civil Wars – “Eavesdrop”

From the band’s self-titled record The Civil Wars

For the sentimental…

3. Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – “Your Precious Love”

One of the pair’s best performances off of the album United

For the hazy morning after…

4. David Ackles – “One Night Stand”

A beautiful track off the little-known masterwork album American Gothic.

For the free-loving hippies…

5. Kate Wolf – “Give Yourself to Love”

If country music had their own version of “All You Need is Love,” this would be it. Off the live album Give Yourself to Love.

For the emphatically sappy…

6. Rivers Cuomo – “I Was Made for You”

A beautifully tender track off of Cuomo’s first album of demos entitled Alone.

For those wanting to forget…

7. Bob Dylan – “Most of the Time”

A fantastic latter-day Dylan track off Oh Mercy that will always conjure images of that scene in High Fidelity with John Cusack waiting at the bus stop in the rain.

For fans of the movie Her…

8. Billy Joel – “Sometimes a Fantasy”

If there were ever a Broadway show called Phone Sex! The Musical it would absolutely need to incorporate this Glass Houses track in it somehow.

And what a fantastically corny music video.

For the dejected…

9. Joy Williams – “If You Wanna Go”

From the stand-alone single of the same name

For the, um… slightly troubled…

10. Alkaline Trio – “This Could Be Love”

I mean, we’ve all been there before. Am I right fellas?


For the waiting…

11. Joan Baez – “Jesse”

A poignantly emotive rendition of the Janis Ian track off of the album Diamonds and Rust

For the conflicted…

12. The Swell Season – “I Have Loved You Wrong”

From the album Strict Joy

For the hopefully pessimistic…

13. Jimmy Eat World – “Always Be”

Off of Chase this Light

For the pessimistically hopeful…

14. Morrissey – “I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday”

A heartbreaking ballad from Your Arsenal, soon to be reissued this month.

For all the cows…

Foo Fighters – “For all the Cows”

Because what’s Valentine’s Day without a few cuddly cows?…just kidding.

For the quietly devote…

15. Brandi Carlile – “Love Songs”

From the EP XOBC

~ Stephen


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