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Pop Obscurities : B-Sides

If you ask me, the b-side has become somewhat of a lost art in modern music, and that’s a shame. Of course, as the market for tangible forms of music becomes more obscure, the sale of singles and their accompanying b-sides proves to be fodder for only the most devote music enthusiasts. I would argue, however, that anyone who fails to at least make themselves aware of these songs would really be cheating themselves. Continue reading Pop Obscurities : B-Sides

Hank Williams was a Rootin’ Tootin’ Emo

A wise man once said, “I think emo’s a pile of shit.” Interestingly, this quote does not originate from any brash music critic or from the arguably self-righteous vocalist from the Killers, Brandon Flowers, but from My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way. Continue reading Hank Williams was a Rootin’ Tootin’ Emo